Jesus Came Back On May 21st – I Saw Him

Yesterday the Patterson Avenue Baptist Church conducted a “free swap marketing” at our location.

The idea came to us from an initiative from Imago Dei, a young/missional congregation who shares space with us in the Patterson Ave Baptist building.  It was their idea and our joy to partner with them.

A “free swap market” is exactly how it sounds.  Nothing is for sale.  Got some old clothes, furniture, household items, garden tools – whatever.  If you are not using them, you bring them to the market to “give away.”  While there, look through other people’s “junk.”  You just might find a treasure.

 A family came to the free-swap.  There had been no employed household member for more than a year.   The parents had been selling their furniture to get money to buy groceries for the children.  Now one of the adults was employed.  They were able to buy food – but the house had been emptied of most furnishing.  They had no table at which to sit and eat dinner.   There were no chairs in the living room.  No television.  Nothing.

At the “free market” somebody had brought a dining table and chairs.  Another an old television in working condition. Another a recliner in really good condiction where “dad” could sit after a long day at work.

The family was overjoyed.

“This is free?!”

“Yes, its free!”

Some guys from Imago Dei even delivered it to their home.

The ‘big news” yesterday was about a prediction from some preacher that Jesus would return around 6:00PM, accompanied by a global earthquake, and the rapture (snatching away) of all God’s faithful elect. 

The way I see, the preacher was right on target with the news that Jesus would come back on may 21st.  He just had all the details wrong.

Jesus made an appearance, but he was not accompanied by a global earthquake.  Instead, he came back with a dining room table and living room recliner. 

Rapture?  Not the way the preacher said it would happen.  Nobody was “snatched way,” but the family did feel a bit of rapture at the expression of love by these two congregations.

Judgment?  Nope – there was none of that, either.  Instead, Jesus made an appearance through those who follow his way and act with generous love. 

Maranatha.  “Come quickly, Lord Jesus!”

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  1. Jacob says:

    no you wrong, that was not Jesus, claiming that is Jesus is a horrible thing to do, it is disrespectful to the true people that deserve the respect. Instead of thanking Jesus who i promise you would agree with me that he ahd been thanked too much.

    Who should be thanked is the compassionate sould that donated the table and chairs, and these guys from Imago Dei for there labor.

    It angers me when peoplewill love the lamb for everything, but he is only one of lords children, love all of them, and quite claiming god and jesus doese every thing good, and start opening your eyes, and be thankful for gods gift in the humanity of all our soles.

    And finalley no Jesus did not come back May 21 and God isnt gonna destroy the earth in October either.

    • billnieporte says:

      Thanks, Jacob, for your comment.

      Those who donated the furnishing (I was the one who donated the recliner) and the folks from Imago Dei who delivered the furnishing neither seek nor desire glory. Our actions were done out of love – as an action of tanglible love aimed to reveal the love of God, the Father – which Jesus came to reveal. Jesus continues to reveal the Father’s love, often (though not exclusively) through the ministry of the church (which the Apostle Paul says is “the body of Christ”).

      So, we believe that Jesus did come back on May 21. He comes back whenever love is revealed, for “God is love.”

      I do agree that God isn’t going to destroy the earth in October.

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