Book Review: “Cosmos Reborn” by John Crowder

Just finished reading a complimentary copy of John Crowder’s book:  “Cosmos Reborn.”  I get occasional copies of books for review as a part of the “Speakeasy” blogging network.   I am not required to write a positive review, but only to express my own honest opinions. This information is being disclosed in accordance with regulations from the Federal Trade Commission.

I had heard a great deal about John’s writings prior to getting this book.  Since then I have watched several of his teaching videos at “Jesus Trip” on Youtube and TheNewMystics.TV.

John is an oddity to me in several respects.  He is a “grace-includes-all” preacher – and leans strongly toward Trinitarian theology (and the likes of Baxter Kruger, Steve McVey, Andre Rabe, and Fr. Robert Capon, whom he quotes heavily throughout this book).  Yet he is Charismatic is background (which is my experience seldom lends itself to those ways of thinking).

John writes with great passion.  You can tell that he believes what he’s saying with his whole being.  He also is successful at boiling down the rather heady theology of folks like T.F. Torrance, James Torrance, and Karl Barth – as well as many ancient theologian like Athanasius, Irenaeus, and Augustine, among others).

That said, I did wish he’d work toward a bit more of a systematic presentation.

The book covers a wide range of subjects, but the two chapters I found most useful were as follows:

Chapter 2:  The Case for a Loving God, which he subtitles:  “The Lie of Penal Substitution:  Did Jesus Really Save You From An Angry Father.”

Chapter 3:  The Vicarious Man – in which the author explores his understanding of the doctrine of atonement from a Trinitarian fashion, drawing heavily on his understanding of the incarnation and writings of Paul and the author of the Fourth Gospel.

These two chapters set the foundation for other subjects, including hell, resting in grace, regeneration, adoption into God’s family, healing, wealth, and his brand of universalism.

While reading the book I had some facebook conversations with the author about other topics he covered…healing, lack of poverty, etc.  Frankly, I think he overstates his case in regards to these subjects.  I will be purchasing other materials from the author to explore his beliefs on these subject in greater detail.  I will review these as I have opportunity.

For those from an Evangelical and/or Charismatic background, this book may challenge you to consider some texts often overlooked in your tradition.  It will cause you to think about some theological concepts differently.

That said, it just might irritate you more than anything else.  So, if you aren’t afraid to think outside the box and feel challenged with some alternate ways of thinking about things, this might be a good book to consider buying.

Cosmos Reborn : Happy Theology on the New Creation
by: John Crowder
publisher: Sons of Thunder Ministries & Publications, published: 2013
ASIN: 0977082636
EAN: 9780977082636
sales rank: 108117
price: $19.95 (new)

Christ cured the human condition. Take a grace-centered look at regeneration, the new creation and the new birth. This book explores the universal scope of the cross – if one died for all, then all died! “For God was in Christ reconciling the cosmos to Himself.” He has woven humanity into His divinity! Dispel the myth of a dark, schizophrenic god of religion. This book makes a scandalous case that the Father of Jesus Christ is in a good mood. Need a religious detox? Have a dose of happy theology! Good news to liberate your life. Though we opposed Him as “enemies in our minds,” God never set Himself against us as our enemy. Adam was breathed from the very life of God, and it has always been the Creator’s intent to restore humanity to the bliss and immortality of its divine origin. In the incarnation, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, God included you and absorbed the entire created order into Himself, bringing an end to decay and corruption. Mortality has been swallowed up by immortality. “Cosmos Reborn may be the most accessible theology book I’ve seen in my lifetime … the theology book the average person will read and love. If you’ve thought theology is hard to understand or even boring, this book is about to rock your world. John Crowder has distilled the thoughts of numerous great historic and contemporary theologians and blended them with what the Spirit has taught him through the Scriptures in a way that has the potential to transform you.” – Dr. Steve McVey, Grace Walk “If you suspect that we could have possibly underestimated Jesus Christ, then Cosmos Reborn is singing your song. With the insight of the mystics, the way with words of the poets, and the thinking of a real theologian, John Crowder ushers us into the New Testament’s vision of Jesus and the One in whom all things, and all peoples have been gathered together forever-even as it was eternally planned by the blessed Trinity.” – Dr. C. Baxter Kruger, The Shack Revisited

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