Living by Faith

Living by faith means living in response to God’s continual movements of grace.   Living by faith means that we trust Jesus to save us—to unite us with God.  Living by faith means that we allow God to unite us to one another in a new humanity—the family of God.  Living by faith means that we grab hold of the promse that God will bless us and make us a blessing as we are obediant to his call on our life.

Notice that at every point the work of righteousness is performed by God.  It is God who saves.  It is God who unites pulls us together in a new humanity.  It is God who gives us the strength and resources we need to fulfill his purpose in our lives. What is the response of faith?  SIMPLY TO LET GOD BE GOD IN OUR LIVES.

Another way of remembering this is to remember:  “Jesus gave his life for me, to put his life in me, to live his life through me!”  Faith is a gift from God by which we are able to get out of the God-business – get out of the LIFE-business – and let God’s life be expressed in us and through us.

What does it mean to live by faith?  How might this look?

Living by faith means we are empowered to offer our very small yes to God’s great big YES.

Living by faith means repenting of our selfish, self-centered and narcissistic ways of living.

Living by faith means repenting of our unbilical views of God which paint the Divine as some sort of ogre.

Living by faith means submission to the Lord Jesus Christ—so that his plans and purposes to be accomplished in our lives with us as willing participants.

The invitation today is simply this:  Won’t you begin living by faith today in response to God’s loving and gracious gift of salvation?

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