Low Sunday Reboot

Last Sunday’s sermon was titled “Reboot.”  When I was composing that sermon, the computer uploaded an update, powered-down, and REBOOTED.  In essense, it DIED and was RESURRECTED.  That’s what Jesus accomplished for us at the cross and empty tomb. 

On Easter, REBOOT seems redundant.  There is so much energy and activity (so many chocolate bunnies) that REBOOT doesn’t seem that presssing.  The need, of course, is still there.  We need Christ’s resurrection.  But we just don’t sense it as much as we do ONE WEEK LATER.  The Sunday after Easter is called “low” Sunday.  This is the kind of Sunday when we know that we need new life – and Jesus is near us providing it.

Listen to “Low Sunday Reboot” by clicking this link now. 

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