Mall Walking by Carol B.

For five years now I have been walking for exercise twice or more times a week in our local malls. I have been so wonderfully blessed in these walks these past five years to be given a greater goal than that of physical health. Although about 20 women at different times have alsked with me individually to share in the goal, mostly I have walked alone, (but/and with the Lord). Here are some of the things I have learned from this joyful activity in which I feel the Lord used some things thay may be of interest to you.

1. Have an intentional on going goal to meet and befriend those whom God leads you to. Sometimes I go early when they are setting up their kiosks and no customers are around.

2. Always share the Word either verbally or written. In conversations many have asked me to bring them the source of the scripture that was quoted so many Bibles have been given to those who asked. They will give you their books also and even information on other beliefs.

3. Some have said it takes a hundred times to hear. Do not give up. God is at work in their lives long before we meet them. Ask about their families and share regarding the problems we all face. Let them help you as you help them with needs they may have.

4. Ask questions and show genuine interest. I have learned a lot from other faiths just by listening. Always be ready to give an answer when they ask you something. If you don’t know, say so and tell them you will find the answer and bring it to them. Let the fragrance of Christ in your life, entice them to wonder what makes you joyful.

5. Generally go to people of the same gender. Learn their names….their given names, even though they may give you an easy American name to say to call them by. Learn to say hello and goodbuy in their language. If you do not know how, ask them. They love teaching this.

6. Invite them to your home, church, or community event only after you have established a relationship with them. It takes a long time to become friends.

Some ways in which these relationships resulted in more than mall meetings:

1. One couple came for tea and brought their baby. They value hospitality. We have now exchanged many visits.

2. I visited with one family by phone several times before they invited me to their home. It was a multi-family household and I met 12 family members. Later I was invited to a special gathering with a reading from their holy book. There were over 200 people there with wonderful food. Later I participated in a wedding celebration.

3. After showing interest in the songs one young woman was singing, I was able to learn more about her faith. Then she asked me to teach her English. I had opportunity to share my scriptures with her during that time. I have met four other families through this young woman.

4. Once I was invited to women’s meeting at one of their places of worship. After several exchanges of gifts and hospitality, one of the women is opening her home for Christians and others to gather and learn more together.

If you have been mall walking and would like to share your experiences, and/or have questions, please leave a comment and we will respond.

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