Never Give Up…Never Give In…Never, Never, Never, Never Quit

This was sent me by a friend…

Derek Redmond was a world-class runner.

During his career, he held the British record for the 400 meter sprint.

What’s more, he won gold medals in the 4×400 meter relay at the World Championships, European Championships, and Commonwealth Games.

Derek was fast.

And at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, he was strongly favored to win.

When the gun signaled the beginning of the race, Derek exploded out of the blocks.

From the very moment he started sprinting, it seemed apparent he would win.

But he didn’t.

In a painful and humiliating moment, Derek’s hamstring snapped.

The pain was so intense, he nearly collapsed on the track.

As he kneeled on one knee, he realized what had happened. And he realized his Olympic dream was over.

Then Derek did the unexpected.

He got up.

And he began to hop down the track.

As he hobbled along, his face a picture of agony, a man pushed his way past the security guards and ran onto the track.

The man was Derek’s father.

He put his arm around his son and told him he did not have to finish the race.

But Derek kept going, sobbing as he went.

And so Derek and his father crossed the finish line together and the crowd of 65,000 people came to their feet and gave them a standing ovation.

It was the loudest ovation of the games.

Because in spite of the pain… in spite of the humiliation… in spite of the shattered Olympic dream Derek had left back on the track…

He finished.

Are you a finisher like Derek?

You may not be the most gifted speaker or have the most brilliant mind. You may have big obstacles between you and your goals.

But don’t let these things stop you.


At times, it may take heroic courage and determination, but you will cross the finish line.

And you will be a winner.

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