Papa’s Good Pleasure


August 11, 2013 sermon preached at Patterson Avenue Baptist Church

NOTE: We do not need to earn, achieve, obtain, or warrant the “Kingdom of God.”  It is the pleasure of God (whom Jesus called Papa) to GIVE us the Kingdom.


Fathered by God: Learning What Your Dad Could Never Teach You
by: John Eldredge
publisher: Thomas Nelson, published: 2009-04-21
ASIN: 1400280273
EAN: 9781400280278
sales rank: 26644
price: $7.58 (new), $2.42 (used)

There is a path leading to authentic manhood, cut by men who have gone before us, sons following in the footsteps of their fathers, generation after generation. There are perils along the trail, even disasters?all the more reason to rely on the guidance of a Father who has gone before.

But in an age when true fathers are in short supply, how do you find the path to manhood? How do you steer clear of the dangers?

John Eldredge calls men back to a simple and reassuring truth: God is our Father. In life’s trials and triumphs, God is initiating boys and men through the stages of manhood from Beloved Son to Cowboy to Warrior to Lover to King to Sage.

Fathered by God maps out the path of manhood?not more rules, not another list of principles, not formulas, but a sure path men have followed for centuries before us.

Find that path and become the man God sees in you.


The Kingdom of God by: John Bright publisher: Abingdon Press, published: 1980-11-01 ASIN: 0687209080 EAN: 9780687209088 sales rank: 221795 price: $10.85 (new), $1.58 (used)

This book traces the history of the biblical idea of the Kingdom of God and suggests its contemporary relevance. “To grasp what is meant by the Kingdom of God is to come very close to the heart of the Bible’s gospel of salvation.”—from the Preface

Learning To Know God As Provider by: Russ Bixler publisher: Whitaker House, published: 1981-11-01 ASIN: 088368120X EAN: 9780883681206 sales rank: 3118272 price: $2.82 (new), $0.01 (used)

Have you had trouble paying your bills? If so, this book is for you!

Are you one of thousands of people who are tormented by fear because of the state of the economy? Do you fear losing your home, your car, or your ability to provide for your family? Learning to Know God as Provider will supply you with real–life answers you need to experience debt–free, worry–free financial success. Discover the secrets to a dynamic Christian life free from financial fears.


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