Ready or Not, Here I Come – Advent 1 Audio & Video






Whew, what an ordeal….

Patterson Avenue Baptist Church has a new video system, allowing us to record worship and post sermons (and other content) on the World Wide Web.  We even have the capacity to LiveStream – broadcasting LIVE on the Web.  Basically, we can have out own internet television station.

Well, hold on just a cotton-picking-minute.  Last week, we record the worship gathering and easily converted the Video Camera format into the FLV (flash) video needed to the webiste, youtube, facebook, etc.  This week the CONVERSION part of the whole process had a huge hang-up.  You’d not think “conversion” would be a problem for Baptists, eh? 🙂

The audio track did not match up at all with the video – and it took the better part of last night and an additional hour this afternoon to finally get something that we could post.

So, if you want to watch the sermon “Ready or Not, Here I Come” – you should click this hyperlink now.

If you just want to listen – you can CLICK HERE Right Now.

We’ll get the hang of this soon.  Then we will think about LIVE-STREAMING on our own Internet Television Channel.

One part of the audio that we have not yet “converted” included a visit from our friend, Brian Hopper.  Brian is pastor of “Imago Dei,” one of the three congregations who worship on the property of Patterson Avenue Baptist (the other being New Life International – a redominately Korea congregation pastored by James Kim).  It is exciting for our congregation to be connected and a part of the love of God as it connects to Richmond through three different, unique, and distinct congrgations meeting under one roof.


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