REBOOT – Easter Sunday @ Patterson Avenue Baptist

Easter Sunday was a grand celebration for Patterson Avenue Baptist. 

The orchestra sounded terrifc.  The children brought an added note of joy to an already celebratory service.  Our music director (Lee Stevens), organist (Johnnie Taggart), praise team musicians (Smokey and Shannon Fake), and the full voice of the entire congreation made for a overwhelmingly positive experience of worship.

During the children’s message we remembered and updated the historic confession of the church on Easter.  A worship leader will say, “Jesus Christ is Risen.”  To that the congregation will respond, “He is risen, indeed!”  Well, that’s not good enough.  Our update changed the congregational response too:  “HOORAY!”  You’ll hear that again at the end of the sermon.

The sermon for the morning was based on Matthew 28:1-10.  The title speaks of the REBOOT – and you can hear it when you click this link.  The reboot humanity receives IN CHRIST restores our hope (faith /confidence) in the love of Abba (Father), revealed in the Son, Jesus, through the grace of the Holy Spirit.

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