So, You’ve Had A Good Day – Inspired by Scripture and a Song by Sponge Bob Square Pants

Sponge Bob Square Pants

That’s right…Sponge Bob Square Pants sings a song that inspires a dream that shows up in today’s sermon.

Preached on February 5, 2012, at the Patterson Avenue Baptist Church, this sermon is titled “So, You’ve Had A Good Day!”  Or, as Sponge Bob Square Pants might sing, “It’s the Best Day Ever!”

The text for the day is Mark 1:29-29.  It tells of Jesus “best day ever” – early in his ministry, total success, praise, and adulation.  If you or I got that kind of attention, we’d probably want to take a picture and hold on to the moment.

Hint:  That’s not what Jesus does!

You can watch the video when you click here now.

Sponge Bob Square Pants

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