Dazed and Confused, Sermon Video Reflecting The Boston Terror Attack In Light of the Gospel

Terror Attacks

On April 15th, 2013, the unimaginable happened again.  In Boston, Massachusetts, American families gathered to celebrate “Patriots Day” in one of our nations great cities.  It was the end of  Boston Marathon and families and friends were cheering their loved one’s who were finishing the race.  Suddenly, two explosions cut through the sound of the crowds cheers.  In the aftermath, three people laid dead.  Nearly 150 were left injured.

The reports left American’s “Dazed and Confused” to quote the titled of a Led Zeppelin song.

This sermon speaks of what we do when we feel “Dazed and Confused.”  It also speak of what God has done for us in those moments.

“The WORD Became Flesh and Dwelt Among Us!”

Jesus came to abide with us in the very mess of our lives…making it clear that God is with us, that God is relational, that God is relatable.

In Christ, you are connected the God Jesus called “Papa.”  You are enlivened and empower by the Holy Spirit.  You are found “in Christ” – and, as such, you are caught up into the divine life of grace.  Through Christ you (we) are lived, loved, accepted, included, and adopted.

In the light of this marvelous news, have faith…trust…depend…experience the reality that even in life’s mess, even in the shadow of terror, GOD IS WITH YOU.

This sermon is based on John 10:27-30.


Christian Doctrine of God, One Being Three Persons
by: Thomas F. Torrance
publisher: Bloomsbury T&T Clark, published: 2001-12-20
ASIN: 0567088294
EAN: 9780567088291
sales rank: 813910
price: $40.49 (new), $53.54 (used)

In a new paperback edition of a classic work, T. F. Torrance aims to clarify understanding of that most profound article of the Christian faith, the doctrine of the Holy Trinity.Adopting a holistic approach, he explains the inter-relatedness of the three Persons–Father, Son and Holy Spirit–and their dynamic Communion with the Being and Nature of God. Combining immense academic range with new theological perspectives, Professor Torrance builds a significant theological bridge between ancient and modern, and Roman and Protestant theology.

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