The STAIN of Sin VS The CORE of Christianity

Last Saturday I stained my back deck.  In the process, I also stained my sidewalk, the side of the house, and the grass in my backyard.  Oh, the trees in the backyard are all redwood, now – even though God did not bring them into the world as redwoods.  STAIN.

That night on Facebook a friend (Bob Dale) commented that I should talk about “the stain of sin” the next morning.  It wasn’t the plan, but a worship video took more time than expected, so I set aside my sermon notes and spoke about “the stain of sin” AND more importantly, the grace of God, in Jesus, mediated by the Holy Spirit, that cleansed the stain and made us clean.

What wins?  The STAIN or the CORE of Christianity (GRACE)?  Well, I’ll bet you know where I come out on that one!

The extemporaeous sermon can be heard when you click this link.

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