The Unholy Trinity

Here’s something I read today by Jonathan Stepp over at

He call’s it “the unholy Trinty.”

“Here’s the unholy trinity

“The belief in the all-seeing God who is unitarian, grouchy, and watching our every move.

“The belief that Jesus came from this God (and was, in some ill-defined way, this God’s son) to create the potential for people to save themselves by their own faith. Jesus accomplished this mission by changing God from being angry all the time to only being angry some of the time.

“The belief that we all better get busy doing church stuff to keep God happy. Jesus got him off our backs but he’ll get mad again if we slack off on personal evangelism, good works, tithing, etc., etc.

Stepp goes on to say that this represents “the basic theology of most Christians in the United States today.”

Is Stepp correct?  If so, what might be the solution?

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