Top Ten List Of Gratitude

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. Psalm 100:4

On the fourth Thursday of each November, citizens of the United States celebrate a day of Thanksgiving. We do this not only to show gratitude toward God for all of life’s blessings, but also in tribute to the early Pilgrims who had endured so much heartache – and yet did so with so much gratitude.

They were thankful for food, freedom, for their very survival. They were so grateful that, though they had little to share – they shared it gladly with one another and the Natives who occupied the land at their arrival.

We have much to be grateful for as well. During the “Community Thanksgiving Service” in Richmond, VA’s “near west end,” I was honored to be asked to share the evening’s “Children’s Sermon.” As an exercise, I invite each child (and adult too) to create a top ten list of things for which to be grateful.

Here’s my list. I am grateful for…

10. Shelter – Each week I notice more and more homeless persons on the street corners in my community. As I am grateful, I commit myself to find ways to address the needs of those who find themselves without shelter.

9. Food – Nobody ever goes hungry in my house due to lack of food. Sometimes, however, we complain that we don’t like a particular meal. I commit to complain less, enjoy more, and always be grateful for food on my table.

8. Living Richmond– I am so incredibly grateful to be a part of the city of Richmond in the Commonwealth of Virginia. God has given me a passion for this City of Richmond and its people.

7. Living in Virginia – I am a great fan of history – and there is no place more historically significant in the United States than the Commonwealth of Virginia. Beyond that, it is filled with majestic beauty – from the Eastern Shore to the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia has something for everyone.

6. My Country – What a blessing to live in a country with such extraordinary freedoms. I am especially grateful for the First Freedom in our US Constitution. It is the freedom to worship God without any involvement of the government. True faith does not need the governments support, and it always flourishes best where the government stays neutral (out of the way) so that each person can make their own decisions about their religion (or lack thereof).

5. My Friends – I have many of them. Today, if my life were to turn sour by some heartache or tragedy, there are hundreds of people I could call who would listen, love, pray, and support me.

4. My Church – God has blessed me with a terrific faith family for which I am most grateful.

3. My Children – My daughter is a beautiful young woman with a great heart and wonderful passions. Her skills as a public speaker and actress are simply amazing. My son is a talented and intelligent young man. He’s also a terrific musician – playing both the trumpet with great skill and beauty.

2. My Wife – I am absolutely in love with my wife. No single person has been more of a blessing from God in my life than my lovely wife Jeana.

1. God’s GRACE – Giving me entrance into the triune life of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is my source and integrally connected to everything else for which I am grateful.

How should we respond to all these wonderful gifts?

We should praise God.

We should share God’s blessings with others.

That’s the kind of person Jesus was. He never complained his did have enough. Instead, he as grateful for what he had been given and he shared it with other.

That’s the kind of way that Jesus’ life will be expressed through me. Connected to him, I am a grateful person who shares love, kindness, grace, and mercy with others. His live through me brings love to the world.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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