A Collection of Trinitarian Theologians

trinityThe list below includes the names of 36 Trinitarian theologians.  The list was compiled by “Kerry’s Loft” and is made of folks from the last 100 years, or less.  If you click on any name, you’ll be taken to a list of resources about each theologian.

What, exactly, is Trinitarian theology?

It is MORE than just affirming the “doctrine of the Trinity.”  That is pretty common in the landscape of Christianity – both contemporary and all the way back to the early church founders.  Trinitarian theology is BIGGER than just affirming a doctrinal statement.

To quote “A Brief Introduction to Trinitarian Theology”

Trinitarian theology sees the doctrine of the Trinity as the central and foundational doctrine that forms the basis for how we read the Bible and how we understand all points of theology.

It deals with not only the “how” and the “why” of doctrines and practices, but most importantly, it begins with the “who.” It asks, “Who is the God made known in Jesus Christ, and who are we in relation to him?”

Trinitarian theology, then, does not simply refer to a belief in the doctrine of the Trinity (the Bible teaching that there is one God, who is eternally Father, Son and Holy Spirit). It refers to a Christ-centered way of understanding who God is.

So, then, TRINITARIAN theology is CHRIST CENTERED theology.  It understands JESUS (his incarnation, life, ministry, teachings, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, and eventual return) as the central way of discerning the nature of God.  As Jesus said, “He who has seen me has seen the Father.”

Not every theologian on this list agrees as all points of doctrine and theology.  They come from a variety of Christian traditions.  Nor do I necessarily agree with any of these theologians on all points.  But I do agree that JESUS is central.  He reveals who God is.

So, if you want to know what Trinitarians believe from SOURCE material, rather than the myths that are propagated about this theological framework, here are some links to explore.

Trinitarian theologians:

Anderson |

Barth |

D Campbell |

JM Campbell |

Colyer |

Dawson |

Gary and Cathy Deddo |

Feazell |

Fee |

Hart |

Hunsinger |

Kettler |

Kruger |

McKenna |

McSwain |

McVey |

Metzger |

Molnar |

Morrison |

Newell |

Nordling |

Parry |

Purves |

Rogers |

Root |

Thimell |

Tkach |

Alan Torrance |

David Torrance |

James B. Torrance |

Thomas F. Torrance |

Walker |

Wauchope |

Wright |

Young |

One other location to visit is the online home of Grace Communion International.

I have take the liberty of doing a search of their site for the word TRINITY.  I have not explored all 2200 results. but I have covered many of the links from the first page.  Check it out here!

Also, if you have .99 cents and an e-reader that included Kindle, you might want to get a copy of these resources: 

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