We Are People Of Hope


Several years ago a hydroelectric dam was to be built across a valley in New England.  The people in a small town in the valley were to be relocated because the town itself would be submierged when the dam was finished.  during the time between the decision to build the dam and its completion, the buildings in the town, which previously were kept up nicely, fell into disrepair.  Instead of being a pretty little town, it become an eyesore.

 Why did this happen?  The answer is simple.  As one resident said, “Where there is no hope for the future, there is no work in the present!”

The world may seem like a fearful despairing place and we may sometimes may feel like we are at the end of our rope, BUT WE ARE NOT A PEOPLE WITHOUT HOPE.  Salvation has come to us in Christ.  Grace continues to approaches us daily in Christ.  Mercy and forgiveness are God’s eternal gifts through Christ. 

We are people of hope.  So let us live courageously!

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