Gramma’s Cooking, Real Good BBQ Sauce, Jesus’ Resurrection, Mama’s Embrace, and Life in God’s Grace

BBQI love BBQ.  Real Good BBQ.

On October 27, 2013 at the Patterson Avenue Baptist Church I invited some of the young men (boys) in the church to help me make BBQ sauce. As we cooked, I told them a few stories…

  • About My Jewish Grandmother Teaching Me To Cook
  • About My Son And I Learning How To Smoke Beef, Chicken, & Pork
  • About How He & I Learned How To Make BBQ Sauce
  • About My Mother’s Embrace When I Was Lost & Then Found
  • About Our HOME In God’s Grace Embrace

While I told these stories, these young fellows helped me add ingredients to make BBQ Sauce – which everyone was able to taste following the service.

It was a GREAT DAY, lots of fun and laughter – as it should be whenever God’s GRACE is illustrated with good BBQ.  The video below is only about 10 minutes long.  I invite you to watch it…and if you like it, please share with your friends via social media.


Oh, if   you like the vest I was wearing, it was a gift from my kids on my 50th Birthday.  You can check it our here:

ThinkGeek Tactical BBQ Apron
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