More Blessed to Receive Than to Give


All the talk among adults at Christmas is about gift-giving.  What will we buy/make/give to our friends, family, loved ones, and especially to our children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews.

 I wonder if the kids might not have it right.  For them, Christmas is more about gift-getting than gift-giving. 

 Religion asks us to give to God (to work, serve, strive, and labor).

 The Christian message does not start with GIVING TO GOD, but RECEIVING FROM GOD.  In reality, God created us to be “receivers.” 

 Givers are always at the top in any relationship. 

 When we are receivers, we realize that the other something to offer that we need.

 What do you get for the God who has everything?  God needs nothing from me!

 Instead, I receive God’s mercy, love, forgiveness, and grace.  These are gifts I desperately need.  When I receive these, I become a conduit of his blessings to the world.  Then God is still blessing others – but God is doing that blessing through me. 

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