Disturbing Good News


The sermon for March 25, 2012 at Patterson Avenue Baptist was based on John 12:20-33 – it was titled:  “Disturbing Good News”

In the sermon I share some biblical good news – our lives and churches have the power and ability to CHANGE THE WORLD

That’s our hunger, our longing, our desire – God places that inside out spiritual DNA.  When you know the Father, experience the grace of God in Jesus, and know the indwelling of the Holy Spirit – you will want to make a difference, impact your community, and express love for all people (JUST LIKE GOD DOES).

So, what’s so disturbing about this sermon?  To change the world, we have to die.

Oh, not in the sense of the death that flesh is heir to.

We’ll have to die to our religion and become alive to a passionate relationship with Jesus.

This sermon got a lot of comments from the crowd assembled at Patterson Avenue Baptist.  It was a challenging word.  It was a disturbing message.

This sermon has some really “Disturbing Good News.”  You can watch to this sermon when you click this hyperlink now.


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