Gracious Shalom

Shalom (the Hebrew word most often translated “peace”) is never a negative.  It never refers to the absence of something (war, crime, hatred, racism).  Rather “shalom” refers to everything needed for life to be whole, complete, attaining the highest good.

During this week of Advent peace, pray not for the end of violence, but for the presence of the highest good and wholeness for all people and creation.  As THIS gift of shalom comes to the human family, violence will begin to subside as a problem among the peoples of the world. 

Shalom, then, seems to be illustrated for Christians by the doctrine of GRACE.  Grace is the presence of God’s love, mercy, and forgiveness.  Grace is wholeness and life through Christ.

Bring us “Shalom” Most Holy God. Grant us GRACE!  Teach us to know Jesus. 


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