The Church’s Biggest Challege

Here’s the sermon  video for the sermon preached on November 16, 2014, at the Patterson Avenue Baptist Church in Richmond, VA. You can watch the video below.  A podcast can be downloaded at the church website:  Patterson Avenue Baptist Church The sermon is titled:  “The Church’s Biggest Challenge” and is based on Matthew 22:35-40

This sermon comes upon reflection of many conversation held at the Baptist General Association of Virginia.  There were some whose conversations were all laments about what’s wrong with the church–and all of it focused on external forces, rather than personal responsibility.

But there were some places and people whose conversation were about the passion they felt for the excitement of God’s work in their lives and congregations.  I share some of these stories near the and of the sermon.

You’ll find the video below…no manuscript prepared for this.  Just some notes coherent to few but myself.

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